General Anesthesia

To protect your dog or cat, our facility will use anesthesia for certain procedures. Anesthesia is safe, and we also perform an exam and run blood work just to make sure your pet will react well to the treatment. During the procedure, our technicians will monitor your pet to make sure he or she is reacting in a safe way. Anesthesia levels will be adjusted during the procedure to ensure your pet stays comfortable throughout the entire process.

Patient Monitoring

As a pet owner, it is natural to feel protective over your pet when your furry friend has to go under anesthesia during a surgery or procedure. This is why we take such great care pre- and post-surgery.

When we perform a surgery requiring anesthesia, our team will monitor your dog or cat closely to make sure that everything is okay. Our veterinary technicians will continuously assess the patient’s heart and respiratory rate. We will track blood pressure and other vital signs to help prevent any anesthesia risk. You can rest assured your cat or dog is in good hands while in our care.