Dr. Virendra Garg

Dr. Garg started his interest in the veterinary field as a child in his uncle’s veterinary practice. “I grew up around his veterinary hospital therefore developed a strong passion for animals and veterinary medicine very naturally” said Dr. Garg.

Dr. Garg is very well educated, graduated from veterinary college. He earned a master’s degree and then PhD in Veterinary Immunology from Purdue University. Dr. Garg is not only highly educated but also a down to earth and kind person. He likes talking to people to educate them about the health concerns of their pets. He enjoys working with the internal medicine cases with special interest in soft tissue surgeries, he adds “However, my passion is client education”. Having a veterinarian that you can really talk to about your pet’s needs is the key to a successful owner-veterinarian relationship.

Dr. Garg worked as veterinarian for about three years in Chicago before moving to California. Dr. Garg has two beautiful children aged three and seven and a handsome cat named “Dash”. In his leisure time he likes to read, cook and spend time with kids and cat.

Dr. Shikher Singla

Dr. Singla grew up in Punjab, India. As a young child, he would help stray kittens and dogs, eventually turning his home into a small shelter and treating their wounds. Seeing all the animals that were not able to get the medical attention they needed is what motivated Dr. Singla to become a veterinarian. He earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the College of Veterinary Science at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and his professional interests include internal medicine, surgery, and dentistry.

“The most amazing part of my job is when a sick pet comes in with its tail tucked in, and I am able to find and diagnose the issue,” he says. “To see this pet, who was once sick, leave with its tail wagging and showing unconditional affection is a definite plus!”

Dr. Singla has a German Shepherd named Shamu. In his spare time, he enjoys yoga and badminton.