Animal Care Clinic San Francisco, CA

Your dog or cat means the world to you. No matter if you’ve had your cat for 10 years or perhaps you’ve only been a dog owner for a week, all pet lovers need a reliable vet clinic to count on. This is why our team offers emergency vet services for dogs and cats. Call us at any time for service and we will help.

In addition to our listed services, we offer trusted veterinary specialist referrals, chemotherapy and cancer treatment as well as microchip pet identification.

Emergency Vet Services & More!

For a better idea of how we can help you and your pet, please take a look at our services and learn more.

  1. Preventive Services
  2. Wellness & Vaccination Programs
  3. Medical Services
  4. Surgical Services
  5. Anesthesia & Patient Monitoring

For emergency veterinary service, please call us at 415-400-5754. Or, schedule your next appointment today and make sure your dog or cat is healthy!